Are self-guided tours available?

No, self-guided tours are not available. Staff and volunteer tour guides escort visitors through the building, explaining its history, art and architecture, and the legislative process.

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1. Where is the State House located?
2. What are the State House’s security protocols?
3. What are the tour times?
4. Are reservations needed?
5. Are self-guided tours available?
6. Is parking available?
7. Where does the tour start?
8. What is the admission cost?
9. What will I see on the tour?
10. Is photography allowed?
11. How do you accommodate people with disabilities?
12. Will I get to meet the Governor or legislators?
13. Do you participate in the Capitol Collector program?
14. Do you have any programs for youth groups other than school classes?
15. How do I contact the Tour Office?
16. Does the State House have a gift shop?
17. Where can I eat?
18. What else is there to see nearby?
19. Are there special requirements due to Covid-19?
20. Can I have my wedding pictures taken at the State House?