New Jersey State House Tours Stickers

All visitors are to adhere to security protocols to ensure public safety. Security is enforced by the New Jersey State Police. We appreciate your cooperation.


In order to access the capitol parking garage, visitors must show a valid driver’s license at the security booth. Security screening stations to enter the buildings are positioned in the adjacent garage atrium and at the front of the State House Annex. All adults need to pass through a magnetometer. All bags, including purses and lunch bags, are subject to inspection and may pass through electronic scanning equipment. Visitors who leave the premises will need to pass through security again for re-entry.

Visitors will receive temporary guest badges which are to be displayed while at the capitol. Adult tour groups will receive adhesive stickers for this purpose.

The following items are prohibited: all guns and/or ammunition; explosive and/or incendiary devices or devices suspected to be explosive and/or incendiary; noxious materials; electronic stun guns; any device or item designed as or readily usable as a weapon; knives and other edged or pointed instruments; nuisance devices that can be readily used to disrupt government activities; and all other items that, in the opinion of the State Police, constitute a possible hazard to life or property or that may disrupt government activities.

In the case of an emergency, visitors are to follow instructions from their tour guide.