Virtual Classroom

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Our Virtual Classroom materials support online learning. Tour Office staff can participate in remote sessions to assist in providing instruction. Please email NJ State House Tours or call 609-847-3150 to schedule a virtual classroom visit. Also, check out our additional Teacher Resources.

Virtual Tour Presentations

Let our State House educators be your guide through one of the oldest capitols in the country. Using an interactive PowerPoint presentation, we’ll explore the State House’s history and architecture while introducing students to the legislative process, state symbols, how a bill becomes a law and the citizen’s role in government. Both our K-2nd grade symbols tour and 3rd-12th grade State House Tour are offered as virtual programs.

Call 609-847-3150 or email NJ State House Tours to schedule your virtual presentation today!

Virtual Snapshots

Each Virtual Snapshot highlights content from a standard State House tour. They can be used individually or collectively to provide an overview of the State House and the legislative process. Click below the picture to open a PDF or PowerPoint file. Contact us if you would like to schedule a virtual question-and-answer session with a State House Tour Program facilitator.

State House Art

State House Art


The Make-A-Law! program places students in the role of legislators debating a bill. This program serves audiences in grades 3 to 12 and contributes to New Jersey Cumulative Progress Indicators.


At the completion of this program, students will:

  • Understand that debate, negotiation, and compromise are central to the legislative process;
  • Know the process by which a bill becomes a law in the State of New Jersey;
  • Have a deeper understanding of the concept of representative democracy.

Virtual Meeting Backgrounds

The following backgrounds can be used in virtual meetings and classrooms. Download the full-resolution image and set the image as your virtual background by uploading it to your preferred video conferencing app.

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